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The Andor

The people of Trygsted have long known that the ocean surrounding their island is the barrier between the lands of the living and the dead. And only the deceased can cross it.

Flyn doesn’t believe the old stories. With only one summer left before he must settle down, and not looking forward to spending the rest of his life as a farmer, he wants a little adventure.

But when a freak storm maroons Flynn and his friend Kel in a new land with orcs, ogres, and other creatures they thought only existed in folk tales, he gets more adventure than he bargained for.

The Andor is the first book in the Legends of Tirmar series.

Available on Kindle Unlimited until February 10, 2018.

What people are saying about The Andor:

The Andor is a compelling read . . . Highly recommended.

Amazon reviewer

[A] cross between Gulliver's Travels and Lord of the Rings

Goodreads reviewer