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So Alive

accessory-1238330He stood back to admire his work. She looked so peaceful, like a sleeping princess in a Disney movie. Her long, dark hair spread out over the satin pillow. Her pale face so smooth. Her lips so red, so moist, painted so carefully with her own blood.

Kevin smiled. She was perfect. He lifted each arm in turn and placed it gently across her chest, one hand on top of the other just below her throat. Then he moved on to her legs, straightening each one, crossing the left ankle over the right. A final examination, wiping off the last few stray drops of blood, then she was ready.

He studied her closely as he walked around the table trying to decide where to start, his dry mouth and quickening pulse only a mild distraction. His mind made up, he picked up his digital camera. He was grateful for the new technology. No risk of a nosey clerk at the Walgreens seeing his trophies.

The rapid pounding in his chest and the electric tingling in his fingers and toes reminded him how he never felt more alive than he did while working on his projects.

– Excerpt from Roadside Stalker by K. Elliot Simmons