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Relaxing by the Fire

campfireKevin popped the top on the beer can and took a long draw, then sat back to watch the fire. A cold beer and a campfire. The perfect end to a perfect day. He smiled to himself, randomly poking at the fire with a stick. It didn’t get any better than this.

Miles from the nearest house or even a major road, he could almost guarantee no one would wander up on him. He had found this spot years ago. Before he had made his first kill. Well, first human kill anyway. In those days, he just used it as a place to get away from people. Now it provided a place to take care of the remains of his victims. In a way, sitting by the fire let him enjoy them for another few hours.

The smell of the cooking flesh made his stomach growl. Not that he had any plans to eat it. Leave that to those sickos like Dahmer. But he did enjoy the scent. He had learned early on how to properly prep a body for the fire to avoid the worst of the smells. The innards were in a pile half a mile away. The coyotes and other scavengers would have it gone by morning. After that, the meat smelled about like any other burning meat.

He pulled out a couple of hotdogs from the cooler and stuck them on the end of a stick. Dogs cooked over an open fire. It was a glorious evening indeed.

– Excerpt from Roadside Stalker by K. Elliot Simmons