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Cory Rivers

stabby stab stabKen thought about that for a bit. Cory Rivers was evil. Not just a bad guy, or sick and twisted. He was pure evil. Ken had read plenty about serial killers over the years. It was an occupational hazard. But nothing he had read about John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer approached the level of evil he felt oozing out of Cory Rivers. What he had read about most serial killers suggested that they felt compelled to kill, that they had no real control over their actions, almost like they were puppets. Not Cory Rivers. He did it because it was fun. He was no more compelled to kill than a man was to play a game of pool. Killing was a passion, sure, but he never felt like someone else was pulling his strings. No, for Cory Rivers torture, rape, and murder was just a way to spend Saturday night.

– Excerpt from Dark Ties